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We are  Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.  


General   designing   include:   Brochures,   Flyers, Letterheads,   Books,   Annual   Reports,   Strategic Marketing Plans. Product Catalogues.


Your    unique    corporate    logo    is    designed    to your   satisfaction.   Upgrade   to   the   Corporate   ID to    have    all    addidional    documents    designed with consistancy.


24   hour   delivery   on   normal   300gsm   business cards.    Matt    and    Gloss    coated    cards    also available.    Transparent    cards    for    those    who dare.


You   are   spoiled   with   choices.   Choose   any   of our    divisions    that    match    your    product    line. Anything    from    paper    to    vinyl,    banners    to posters.   Call   any   of   our   sales   representatives for a free quotation.


We    have    a    variety    of    inhouse    promotional products   that   can   be   branded   with   ease.   Mugs to   badges,   lanyards   to   memory   sticks,   puzzles to   display   frames.   We   supply   and   brand   them all.


Product Portfolio
Style   Graphics   cc   is   a   well-established   design   &   Fabrication   company   that   was   opened in   2005.   We   are   capable   to   complete   any   scope   of   work   within   the   required   deadline. Due   to   a   reputable   reputation   in   Namibia   we   are   known   by   our   clients   for   the   quality   of work,    time    frame    delivered,    design    skills    and    dedication    to    serve.    With    a    staff compliment of more than 25 employees and facility of 1500m² we can deliver. We   offer   a   wide   variety   of   services   to   our   clients   that   include   printing,   manufacturing, processing   and   installations   just   to   name   a   few.   Style   Graphics   consists   of   a   variety   of Divisions    and    sub-divisions,    each    with    their    own    product    range,    services    and machinery. Each   division   is   independently   run   and   can   handle   their   own   scope   of   work   without affecting   the   other   divisions.   This   allows   us   to   work   on   several   different   projects   at   the same   time.   Style   Graphics   thrive   on   quality   work   and   only   the   best   source   products   are used in any product we release from the office.
We   do   not   use   cheap   imitations   to   ensure   that   every   single   product   that   leaves   this office,    will    be    a    product    that    you    can    rely    on.    “Service    delivery    with    customer satisfaction”:   will   remain   our   motto.   We   will   strive   to   achieve   this.   Even   if   we   must combine   divisions   with   their   sub-divisions   to   get   the   best   quality   of   work   out   with   in the   required   deadline   set   by   our   customers.   “Style   Graphics   will   deliver”.      You   can count on that. Designing   of   your   corporate   logo,   printing   of   your   business   cards   and   letterheads, printing   of   vehicle   magnets   or   full   vehicle   wrapping,   manufacturing   of   your   company sign   boards,   lightboxes   of   fabricated   3d   lettering,   manufacturing   and   installation   of your show stands. We are your one stop shop.  Contact any of our Sales Representatives or Divisional Managers for a quotation   Storm / Ricardo   – Paper and Vinyl production, Designing Willem / Chris   – Fabrication, Manufacturing, Laser or CNC  production  Yvonne   – Corporate Gifts and promotional Items
 If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design   - RALF SPETH -


We    manufacture    any    product    from    steel    to aluminium,       composites       to       foamboard. Welding    or    bracing.    We    will    produce    your product to specification.